Committed to seeing young girls in underserved communities of Baltimore develop the necessary skills to thrive into womanhood through performance arts such as competitive cheer, dance, and tumble.


We are dedicated to empowering them through structured recreational programming, dietary/nutrition education, and physical fitness to physical, social, emotional, and mental well-being.
To ensure inclusivity we keep our program affordable and leverage funding.

Our Staff

Coach Tay, Founder & Chief Executive Officer

When GIRLS support GIRLS incredible things happen! Coach Tay’s great passion is fixing the crowns of GIRLS that have a crook due to circumstances beyond their control. She is committed to aiding GIRLS to develop the necessary skills to thrive into womanhood with healthy mental, social, and physical well-being. Intrigued with the principles of teamwork, dedication, perseverance, and sisterhood infused through competitive cheer, she trained herself how to instruct the sport in a safe and effective manner. She further mastered her craft, gained credentialing, and continues to train teams of GIRLS who are often first year athletes towards achievement of national top ranking titles.

Before finding her passion turned to purpose, she dedicated her life solely to her two sons, Braeden & Khy’Lei, and her career and love for Accounting. While a balancing act she still serves as a Director of GAAP Accounting at the MD Department of Housing and Community Development managing a unit that oversees and accounts a $1 billion loan portfolio.

Her educational background includes a MA in Accounting from University of Phoenix, and a B.S. in Business Administration from University of Maryland College Park.

She is obsessed with seeing GIRLS succeed. Since 2015, she has embarked on this journey of servant leadership as the sole founder, and has centered her life around the vision that wellness should be inclusive, FUN, and GIRLy! While this journey of starting a grass root organization with no funding and resources hasn’t been easy, keeping her focus on the GIRLS has made it worth it for they are ‘My Gifted.Intelligent.Royal.Lil.Sisters!’

Coach Mo

Coach Mo fell in love with the sport of cheer when she was a cheerleader on her high school team. She later got involved with Pop Warner cheer and coached for two seasons. She enjoys teaching athletes the fundamentals of cheer. She is very passionate about training our GIRLS to build their endurance, increase their strength and practice healthier habits.

Coach Mo and her daughter, Taylor, relocated to Baltimore from the Eastern Shore of Maryland. She currently works as the Classification and Compensation Manager at a State agency. She has a MBA with a concentration in Human Resources from Strayer University and BS in Business Management from Delaware State University.

In 2015 Coach Mo was invited to a My GIRLS practice by Coach Tay one evening and she and her daughter have been a part of this amazing program ever since. I am so thankful to be in a place where I have the opportunity to be a positive influence on GIRLS life.

Coach Kim

I started my cheerleading career in 1993 as a cheerleader for my high school. I have been coaching Cheer since 2007 and spent 6 years coaching for a competitive recreation cheer program. I later spent 7 years coaching cheer for a local high school. Over the years I’ve stepped in and helped other recreation teams with their programs also.

In 2018 My youngest daughter and I joined My Girls. I tried to stay way from practice but as I like to say “The Mats were calling me”. And just like that, I found myself coaching along side Coach Tay and Coach Mo.

In my professional life I work in Human Resources as a Generalist, with recruiting as my strong suite. I enjoy helping people work toward their professional goals!

I love coaching, watching our girls fall in love with the sport, and love this Cheer Life!

Coach Vita

My name is coach Vita Leonard. I grew up in Baltimore, MD I attended Sojourner Douglas College. For over years I have done liturgical dance and choreography throughout the city. I have over 20 years of experience in working with and mentoring youth in Baltimore.

I could not be more excited to Coach with My G.I.R.L.S Allstar Cheer and Dance. I truly love nothing more than seeing a child excel, on and off the cheer mat. I also could not be happier to be an instrument used to boost the self-esteem of the girls and the confidence of the parents in knowing their daughter are well cared for.

I have two beautiful daughter’s Tailyn and Zara Madison who are my number one priority and they both have learned a love for cheer. I have a love for people and it shows. My sole passion is not only being a leader in our community but building up our youth to become better human-beings along the way.

Coach Yas

My name is Yasmeen Yancey but here at My G.I.R.L.S. I am Coach Yas! I grew up in Plainfield, New Jersey. I attended Plainfield Academy For The Arts and Advanced Studies(P.A.A.A.S.). I was at this school from 7th grade until I graduated. I was focused on musical theater, which consisted of Dance, Theatre, Vocal & Instrumental Music studios within my school.

I started my cheer career at a very young age with my hometown Pop Warner team Plainfield Lady Cardinals, in Plainfield, New Jersey. After numerous winning seasons, my mom asked if I wanted to try something new! She took me to an All-star cheer gym for the first time, and I met and practiced with the girls and had so much fun. I was sold after about two hours of jumping, tumbling, and stunting! I officially joined the team midseason & started cheering with Jersey Jewelz All-Stars from age 14 until I graduated high school.

In 2018, I moved to Baltimore, MD, furthering my education at Morgan State University. I entered their Bachelor’s in Social Work Program, but I loved all-star so much I couldn’t give it up even in college. In 2019, I joined Maryland Twisters and went to Worlds with my team, Thin Ice! From there, I was officially done with being a cheerleader and was ready to focus on being a student. On Morgan’s campus, I serve as Miss Social Work for the Student Social Work Organization, where we host events for campus engagement, serving the community, and providing resources for students. But I still loved cheer so much.

I joined My G.I.R.L.S. in 2021 and have loved every second of it. At My G.I.R.L.S. I teach dance and coach along aside these phenomenal women. Getting to know the girls, the coaches, the staff, and the parents has given me a second home, and I am forever grateful!

Coach Elise

Coach Elise began dancing at the age of 2 with KanKouran West African Dance Company. Around the age of 5 Elise decided it was time for a change ! She then went on to take hip-hop classes & started little league cheerleading. Though she enjoyed dancing with KanKouran WADC, cheer and hip-hop ultimately became her favorite!

She went on to Cheer for MD Twisters in high school and was enrolled in the dance program 10th-12th grade. This is when she knew she was more than a performer, she went on to become dance assistant her senior year giving her an opportunity to work in stage management doing tech & sound.

Coach Elise took a break from dance & cheer when she went off to DSU to study early childhood education. Upon her return, she began teaching preschool, continued to stage manage at KanKouran WADC & coached her first cheer team at a local recreation center.

December 2020 she hit the the floor again with an adult cheer & dance team Power Strike Cheerleaders for the teams inaugural season. Upon season ending, October 2021 Elise was invited to sit in on an MY GIRLS practice and hasn’t left the gym since!

As a former teacher now preschool photographer for Lifetouch, she fell in love with the idea of being able to still teach and build young minds both mentally & physically in an competitive environment.

“ I am SO Thankful I found my people here at MY GIRLS I enjoy every moment in the palace! Why? CAUSE WE MAKE IT REIGN ON EM !” -Coach Elise

Coach Daria

Coach Mariah

Coach Mariah is a graduate of the University of Maryland Eastern Shore. She received her Bachelors of Science in 2019. She is currently a graduate student at George Mason University pursuing her masters in Applied Behavioral Analysis.

Coach Mariah has cheered for a total of 21 years. She has experience in recreational cheer, high school cheer and college cheer. Coach Mariah cheered all 4 years at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore and became captain her Junior year of college.

After college she continued her passion for cheerleading by giving back to the youth cheer community in Baltimore Maryland by hosting summer cheer camps every year and private tumbling classes. She enjoys coaching and driving people to push beyond what they think their limitations might be.

My mission as a cheer coach is to provide a safe, and fun learning environment for each cheerleader to develop, further their cheerleading skills, and overall love for the sport or cheer.

Coach K

I am Kamiyah but am affectionately known by My G.I.R.L.S as Coach K! I grew up in Baltimore MD, I began my cheer journey at the age of 4. I have cheered throughout all my years of school and recently graduated with the class of 2021. I am currently a student at the Community College of Baltimore County majoring in Nursing.

Cheer is my passion I have been in the sport all my life. Once I graduated high school there was no way I could leave the sport behind. When I learned that my college unfortunately did not have a cheer team I thought my journey was over, and it was time to focus on my career.

On January 28, 2022 I was at work on my part-time day job and I met coach Vita. I was expressing to her my love for cheer and how it will always be apart of me. We exchanged contact information and soon after I was introduced to a team full of ladies who shared the same passion. From that day forward I joined My G.I.R.L.S.

Since joining My G.I.R.L.S it has been a great pleasure & experience being able to Lead, Inspire, and Empower confidence, through the sport of Cheerleading to young girls.

I am super excited to see what the future holds ahead and thankful for this opportunity!

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