Established to increase the availability and accessibility in serving the girls in the community.

We are committed to offering our participants a safe training and recreational facility.

Our Home

We promise you’ll delight in our new facility, as it is:

  • a safe haven that equips GIRLS with skills such as responsibility, discipline, commitment, and trust that ultimately leads them to becoming confident contributing members of society
  • the centerpiece for our expanding programs and services where we have in house workshops increasing availability and accessibility in serving the GIRLS in our community
  • a catalyst for volunteers/staff that serve GIRLS in our mission of equipping them for the future as we strengthen community partnerships
  • A training and recreational facility open to our participants and the community with a focus on mental, social, physical, and emotional development

Royal Merch is available for purchase at our studio, from spirit wear, practice wear, shoes, accessories, and more.

Resource Room

In our dual use resource center and computer lab, underserved GIRLS are offered training programs, it is designed to be the nucleus of our expanding programs and services where we have in house workshops, and training and development.

Resource Room/Computer Lab

Dance Room

In our dance room, athletes will practice, learn, and rehearse in classes and instruction through creative inspiration. This room can be either padded or hard floored to accommodate our participants needs.

The Gym

In our gym, athletes will train, practice, and learn in classes, instruction, and group practice formats. Our gym boasts of an open layout with high ceilings and spring floors.

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