All royalty comes with a fee, however ours is the most affordable in the entire region for an all*star competitive squad.

Royal Dues are all inclusive for all direct expenses of the cheerleader for The Royal Tour.

Dues includes:

  • Practice Uniform
  • Competition Uniforms
  • Cheer Shoes
  • Cheer Bow
  • Spirit Wear
  • Competition Fees (vary depending on squad)
    • Half Year Squad – 3 local competitions
    • Full Year Squad – 4 local competitions (option to attend year-end event if win a paid bid)
    • Travel Full Year Squad – 9 competitions including year-end event (1-2 may require overnight accommodations)
  • Choreographer Fee
  • Music Production & Licensing Fee
  • USASF Certification (required to compete)
  • Friends & Family Royal Showcase
  • The Royal Banquet (closing ceremony to include awards and trophies)


Total Annual Dues are:

$675 – Half Year Squad (season runs Oct-Apr)

($75 Registration Fee & $75/month September-April)

$1100 – Full Year Squad (season runs Aug-Apr)*

($100 Registration Fee & $100/month July-April)

$1640 – Travel Full Year Squad (season runs Jul-May)

($135 Registration Fee & $135/month July-May; there is also $20 non-refundable try-out fee for new athletes & $15 non-refundable try-out fee for returning athletes)

Discounts Available – More Information below


*We only attend US Finals if we win a PAID bid at a qualifying event (this excludes the travel team). 

Competition Uniforms are included in tuition!

  • Uniform rebates will be credited to the account if a new uniform isn’t needed
  • Gently used uniforms in good condition can be turned in by returning athletes only for a rebate

Important to know:

  • Monthly dues are due the 1st of each month
  • Dues are to be paid by the 15th of each month; if not a $35 late fee will be incurred each month beginning with the 2nd month’s tuition
  • Dues paid in cash by the 5th of the month receive a discount of $5 for that month
      • Total savings of $40-65/year
  • Any returned checks will incur a fee of $35 per returned check
  • Multiple Siblings Discount – $5/month
    • Total Savings of $40-65/year


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