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The Group Tumbling Classes are laid out in 4-Week Sessions that follow a 45-60 minute curriculum.

During the 4 weeks of tumbling training, athletes will participate in warm ups & stretching, strength training, and drills to accomplish each skill set needed for their current skill level.

Classes are offered by skill level.

Below provides the skill breakdown for each structured tumbling class.  Athletes in class will learn, but not limited to, skills set provided for each class . “CROWN”ing will take place once athletes have learned all skills provided in each class. 

“CROWN”d– All athletes must be “CROWN”d in order to advance to the next skill level tumbling class.  Each skill must be performed on the spring floor with great precision and technique; competition ready.


Class Description: This introductory class is designed for young athletes ages 3 to 5 years with little to no prior experience.  Proper warm-up progressions will lead the tumbler into a series of exercises, drills, and stretches.  Activities for hand-eye coordination, body awareness, and general dexterity will aid in the tumblers ability to learn new tumbling skills.  Athletes will learn (with assistance) most skills outlined in the Beginner/Basic class below.  All of these skills will be taught with experienced instructors with state of the art equipment.


Class Description: Back to Basics is a Beginner/ Basics tumbling class created for new and beginner athletes ages 6 years and up. This class will focus on basic introductory skills needed for correct tumbling form and precision.  Athletes will learn how to achieve a hollow body, engaged core, and basic body control for all current and future tumbling skills.  High emphasis will be placed on proper technique of each skill.

PREREQUISITES: Willingness to learn. No prior experience needed.

Class Skills

  • Forward Roll
  • Backwards Roll
  • Straddle Roll (F/B)
  • Bridge (Push up/Standing)
  • Handstand (HS)
  • Handstand Stepout
  • Cartwheel (CW)
  • Push Up Position
  • Hollow Body 
  • Splits and Leg Control

Class Description: This class is structured for level 1 athletes to master core tumbling skills for competitive purposes.  Overall basic level 1 tumbling skills will be the primary focus of this class.  Athletes will learn tumbling skills such as Handstand Combinations, Front/Back Limbers, Bridge Kickovers, One Arm Cartwheel, and Backwalkovers.  Warm Up progressions such as Hollow/ Push Up Holds will aid in proper form and technique of skills.  Proper progressions of each skill will be required of athletes.

PREREQUISITES: Forward/Backward Roll, Cartwheel, Handstand (on wall), Push Up and Hollow Body Position

Athletes must be “CROWN’D” in order to move to this class.

  • Handstand Combinations (FW Roll, Bridge, Step Out)
  • Limbers (F/B)
  • Handstand Holds (on wall)
  • Seat Rolls
  • Backwalkover (BWO)
  • Bridge Kickover
  • Bridge Walks and Hops
  • Basics of Roundoff (RO)

Class Description: Level 1 complex tumbling skills will be introduced in this class.  Emphasis on proper technique and form of Backwalkover(BWO)/ BWO series, will be stressed.  Athletes will be introduced to combination tumbling and intermediate/ advanced Level 1 warmup progressions and tumbling skills such as, the Seesaw, Roundoff, and Valdez.  This purpose of this class is to ensure each athlete has mastered all Level 1 required skills.

Athletes must be “CROWN’D” in order to move to this class.

  • Backwalkover Series
  • Front Walkover (FWO)
  • Combination LEVEL 1 tumbling (i.e. FWO Cartwheel Backwalkover series, BWO CW BWO).

Class Description: Back Handsprings and things will focus on the introduction of the back handspring.  Athletes will learn how to properly “Set, Jump, and Attack” this skill with proper form and technique.  Additional skills listed below will assist in achieving the ultimate goals for this class.  

Athletes must be “CROWN’D” in order to move to this class.

  • Standing Backhand Spring (BHS) Focus on high level of perfection and form.

Class Description: This class is designed to master back handspring skills.  Athletes will focus on a high level of form and technique, as well as, intermediate/ advanced back handspring combinations, for Level 2 athletes.  Speed and proper stretch of this skill will be enhanced and front tumbling skills will be perfected.  The goal of each athlete is to become a master of all things back handspring.

Athletes must be “CROWN’D” in order to move to this class.

  • BHS Series (Standing and Running 3 or more)

Class Description: lt’s time for tucks! Athletes will learn the art of “The Tuck” and the 1st airborne tumbling position which is the staple of Level 3 tumbling.  Warm Up progressions will teach the fundamentals of using your core and tumbling drills will focus on the tuck shape needed to properly perform this skill.  Athletes will also work Level 3 Standing tumbling such as, Jump Back Handsprings and Standing Series Back Handsprings with a high level of speed and form.  All intro level 3 tumbling skills will be taught in this class.

Athletes must be “CROWN’D” in order to move to this class.

  • Jump Backhandspring (BHS)
  • Tuck Shapes and Progressions
  • Aerial Groundwork
  • Punchfront Groundwork

Class Description:  

Athletes must be “CROWN’D” in order to move to this class.

  • Punchfront (PF)
  • Power Aerials
  • Standing Tuck
  • BHS Tuck
  • Standing Tuck Combinations to include (Aerial Tuck, BER Tuck, BWO Tuck, CW Tuck)
  • Standing Multiples Tuck

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