Absence & Tardy (greater than 15 minutes) Notification

Just as important as a competition is practice.
We expect ALL squad members to be at practice each day.
All practices are MANDATORY.
This is a team sport, which means that when your child is absent some part of the routine cannot be completed.

Our attendance policy is strict because when one person is gone, stunts do not go up, new routines are not learned, and the entire team suffers.

While we do understand that life is unpredictable, please make every effort to have your athlete present and in uniform. It is sometimes tough to do so but is also unfair to the other 30+ kids prepared and ready to practice.

Athletes will be placed on probation after incurring three unexcused absences in a contractual season and may be dismissed after further occurrences or consequences per contractual season.

Coaches reserve the right to replace an athlete who misses practice the week of a competition!

  1. Fill out an absentee form below 2 weeks prior to any expected tardiness or absence. Notification will only be accepted by using the absentee form below.
  2. Fill out an absentee form below in the event of unexpected tardiness or absence GREATER THAN 15 MINUTES as soon as you are made aware of the incident.
  3. Families will receive notification of whether their absence is excused or not via email within 48 hours of submission.
  4. Please note that excused absences prevent penalties, but do not impact the changes in performances and/or whether an athlete will be able to hit the floor in competition
Type of Notification (Choose one option)(required)

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